Korábbi koncertek

Koncert naptár


"Eckerd College, in St. Petersburg, Florida, combined with the Clearwater Chapter of the American Guild of Organists to present Hungarian organist, Istvan Ruppert, in concert recently. The program featured contemporary music by Hungarian composers as well as standard repertoire. The audience was especially enthralled by Ruppert's performance of Franz Liszt's "BACH" on the college's Flentrop organ. His registrations were superb, adding to the excitement of this masterpiece of organ literature.
The Hungarian composers represented were also very musically interesting, ranging from the well-crafted "Sonata II" by Istvan Koloss to the playful closing "Toccata" by Frigyes Hidas. Many audience members expressed a wish to learn some of this worthwhile new music. Dr. Ruppert's visit closed with a lecture the following Monday, using some very fine slides of organs. His campus visit was quite a success, and we hope he makes a return visit soon."
(Linda Pointer - Eckerd College)

"Istvan Rupeprt's performance (October 24, 2006) at the Catholic Church of St. Louis-King-of-France (in Saint Paul, Minnesota) was notable at several levels, and gave the audience much to ponter, as it took place on a date in close proximity to important dates in Hungarian history. First, his all-Liszt program honored the birthday of this famous Hungarian composer-pianist (born October 22, 1811), whose vibrant and celebratory Prelude Fugue on B-A-C-H spoke to the path-breaking virtuosity of one of Hungary's foremost musical talents. That work also reminded us of Liszt's important contributions to a 19th century awakening of interest in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Later in Ruper's program, Liszt's "Funerailles" (transcribed for organ) offered a somber 50th anniversary memorial of the ill-fated Hungarian Revolution (initiated October 23, 1956). We in the United States, never very focused on political challenges which do not directly involve us, need to recall the serious ramifications of that aborted attempt at Hungarian self-rule, and the challenges faced by the Hungarian people in the aftermath of World War Two and under oppressive Communist goverance.
As expected, Mr. Rupert used the resources of the church's Casavant organ in effective and expressive ways. It was a most enjoyable (if too brief) and provocative presentation."
(Michael Barone - Pipedreams)

"The organ recital played by Istvan Ruppert 16 October 2006 at Drury University, U.S.A. was rated by many of those in attendance as the best recital they had heard presented at Drury University. Dr. Ruppert's registration was innovative, imaginative, at the same time appropriate for each piece of repertoire. His technique was "brilliant" and "clean." Especially effective was his alternation of singing lines of plainchant with the organ elaborations, as Croner's Magnificat (17th Century); a performance in this style and genre had not been presented at Drury by a solo organist. The "Old Hungarian Dances" (17th Century) had been very well planned into the program of all Hungarian music and composers to better acquaint the American audience with the culture of Hungary. Dr. Ruppert's comments about each of the pieces was well-spoken and added to the understanding and appreciation of the program. The pride that he showed for his country came through in both his spoken work, his playing, and his personality. He created an excitement and enthusiasm for his country, its music, its culture and its life and history, so that he has been invited to return anytime to Drury. "
(Dr. Earline MOULDER
Professor of Organ and University Organist
Drury University, Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A.)

Saint Paul, Minnesota 2004
"Ruppert's program of mostly little known (to us) repertoire was compellingly played with passion and insight, and utlilzed the full resources of the sonorous Kney organ. A revelatory and totally enjoyable experience."
(Michael Barone, PIPEDREAMS)

Haddonfield, New Jersey 2003
"Istvan Ruppert performed brilliantly on the Wanamaker Organ, the largest musical instrument in the world, using its full resources...The Hungarian organist's intelligence, humor, and Old World charm endeared him to the audience...His clear and dazzling playing was rewarded with an immediate, enthusiastic standing ovation and shouts of "Bravo."
(Joe Routon, B.Mus., M.Sac.Mus.
SouthWest Jersey Chapter
American Guild of Organists)

Pittsburgh,USA 2001
"Istvan Ruppert is a brilliant organist and teacher. He gave a workshop for us at Duquesne University and thrilled all of us. His recordings are a must for the music of Liszt and the classical period."
(Ann Labounsky
Chair, Sacred Music and Organ
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Danbury, Connecticut, USA 2001
"Istvan Ruppert is an extraordinary organist, and an exceptional performer of 19th. and 20th. century music. His performances of the music of Liszt are especially stylish and virtuosic, and played with a special Magyar flair."
( Stephen Roberts, professor of organ,
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT)

Evanston, Illinois 1999 and 2001
"Istvan Ruppert is a brilliant organist blessed with exceptional technique and musicality. His interpretations of a wide variety of repertoire exhibit great artistic integrity. An overall superb performer!"
(Margaret McElwain Kemper
Director of Music and Organist Presbyterian Homes, Evanston, Illinois)

Ulm 1994
"We experienced Hungarian temperament and fire performed on the organ. Splendid contemporary pieces were given a dynamic performance."
(Schwabische Zeitung)

Zürich 1993
"A quest organ virtuoso from Hungary! He played the Liszt pieces with superior mastery and beautiful registration."
(Züricher Rundschau)

Graz 1992
"This Hungarian organist made us believe, through his virtuoso performance, that the Bach pupils were really good composers."

Paris 1991
"Istvan Ruppert played the confession, composed by the greatest mystic of Romantic music (Franck: Priere), with heartfelt beauty."
(Le Monde)

Nilsiä-Bach Week 1990
"Brilliant technique, intuitive music- the best remembered concert of the last few years."

Espoo 1990
"It was much more than a simple concert: prayer and devotion. The culmination was achieved by the piece by Messiaen (Combat de la Mort...): all of us could relive the death of Jesus on the cross."
(Helsinkin Sanomat)